¿La orientacion sexual es una opcion?

People do not choose their sexual orientation

     The easiest way to know this is to ask gay people if they chose to be gay. Gay people will tell you that they did not choose to be gay. They just are. Some people have brown eyes and some people have blue eyes. Some people are gay and some are not.

     Sexual orientation is likely determined prenatally. Human characteristics such as eye color, hair color, complexion, height, types of thumbs, types of ear lobes, and sexual orientation are determined in the brain and cannot be manipulated. People that are gay (LGBTQ) did not choose their orientation.

     If I wanted to understand an African-American woman, I would not ask a White man living in Nebraska. That may sound extremely obvious and it should be obvious. If someone wants to understand a gay man or a lesbian woman or a transgender person, they should ask them and then believe what they tell and explain about themselves. We are each the experts on ourselves.

     If it were true that gay (LGBTQ) persons choose their sexual orientation, then it would be true that EVERYONE chooses their orientation.

     When did you look at the male and females of Earth and then decide which one would make your heart skip faster? When did you decide which gender attracts you?

I did not choose to be gay.  When I have been confronted by people who tell me that I did, I often respond by asking them a question, “When did you sit down, look at the pros and cons of each gender, and make a decision to be attracted to members of the opposite sex?”  The response I usually get shows the absurdity of such a scenario.  I then relate that they just assumed the same scenario for me.

At this point, the cognitive dissonance begins to bounce around in their brain and I further elaborate with an example. If I encounter a good looking woman and a good looking man, my responses are different. My response to the beautiful woman is visual while my response to the beautiful man is an internal reaction.  Such automatic responses are not decided, they just happen, just as one’s sexual orientation is automatically predetermined or ingrained.  I did not choose and neither did you.  We are who we are.

You did not choose your sexual orientation.  No one chooses their sexual orientation.