Estereotipos y Mitos LGBTQ

Stereotypes become dangerous when they move from generalized simplifications to stories (myths) about a group and these myths attach a  value judgments about the individuals in a group.

  • When a Stereotype/Myth/Value judgment is applied to every member of a group, it opens the door for discrimination, stigmatization, and even verbal or physical violence.
  • Stereotypes/Myths/Value judgments become automatic gut reactions that close opportunities for relationships and discussions.

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Mito #1 : Se elge ser gay. 

Mito #2: Las personas transgenero estan confundidas o enganan a los demas. 

Mito #3: Las personas gay pueden cambiar. Gay people can change.

Mito #4: Los hombres gay molestan a los ninos. 

Mito #5: La amenaza del bano es real. 

Mito #6: Los padres del mismo sexo hacen dano a los ninos. 

Mito #7: Ser LGBTQ es un trastorno mental. 

Mito #8: La gente se puede volver gay.

Mito #9: Los ninos son muy pequenos para saber. 

Why does it matter?
These value judgments are used to excuse unequal treatment, rejection and discrimination. They have a negative social and personal impact on LGBTQ lives and the greater social structure.