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The following lists are possible literature options for classrooms, libraries, and books for the home. Often, picture books can be used with all ages.
Including picture books, fairy tales, and novels that have LGBTQ characters is an important step to building safe environments for all children. The LGBTQ child will be affirmed by “seeing” people like them. The non-LGBTQ child will learn acceptance and inclusion by “seeing” other people in an accepting and inclusive way.
(Sexual orientation is likely determined prenatally. Straight children cannot be made gay and gay children cannot be made straight. Exposure is good and should not be feared.)
If about 9% of the population identify as LGBTQ then about 9% of the books exposed to children and youth should represent LGBTQ characterization.
Literature for Children
Literature for Youth
Recommended Books for Youth – Cathy Berner
Recommended Books for Adult Readers