Recommendations – For Adult Readers

Title Author
Training for Professionals Who Work with Gays and Lesbians Besner, Hilda & Spungin, Charlotte
Thou Shalt Not Love Chapman, Patrick
The Velvet Rage Downs, Alan
Crisis Gold, Mitchell
The Science of Desire Hamer, Dean & Copeland, Peter
The Gender Book Hill, Mel Reiff & Mays, Jay
Becoming Visible Jennings, Kevin
One Teacher in 10 Jennings, Kevin
Torn Lee, Justin
Gay, Straight, and the Reason Why LeVay, Simon
Queer Science LeVay, Simon
Christianity and Sexual Orientation Ponder, Larry
Don’t Call Me Ma’am Roth, Shelley R.
Queers in History Stern, Keith
God and the Gay Christian Vines, Matthew